The Military

Regional militia:

Away from the cities, and exposed to minor raids, many smaller villages maintain groups of militia for civil defence. These poorly-trained soldiers are usually responsible for outfitting themselves and are made up of normal citizens on a voluntary basis.


Civil guard:

Made up of lightly armed rangers and fighters the Civil Guard’s primary role is the maintenance of law and order. Each civil guard is paid, outfitted and trained by the city in which in operates and their level of training, equipment and organisation vary greatly from region to region within The Empire and even from city to city within each region, following local traditions.

Provincial armies:

Each province within the Empire of Light maintains its own provincial army. Responsible for responding to a diverse range of threats ranging from minor raids to small incursions from the creatures that dwell within the labyrinthine passages that honeycomb the cliffs, hills and mountains of the Empire of Light, they consist mostly of cavalry, although each province’s specific makeup depends greatly on local custom.



Consisting of the elite slave-bred Kharacts, the Phylaxes are tasked with defending The Empire from the large-scale incursions of primitive tribes of Hobgoblins, Orcs and other creatures that periodically threaten the empire from the larger labyrinths. Based in the great fortresses known as The Dura, the Phylaxes consist of heavy troops trained in the use of a variety of weapons, and strategies. Without the Phylaxes, The Empire would long since have been overrun.

The Military

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