The Aren Plateau


The Aren Plateau is a windswept region of dry, semi-arid grassland sitting to the north of Anerin. Its people are primarily semi-nomadic herders with fierce clan loyalties who engage in generations-long feuds which have sometimes descended into open conflict. Despite having been a part of the Empire for centuries, the Elarian Horselords of the Aren Plateau have never truly been assimilated into the Empire’s society, with many of its inhabitants still worshiping the Old Gods rather than the Daughters of Light.

Capital: Amerio
Notable settlements: Fedura, Sirradura
Exports: Horses, Slaves, Gold, Tin, Copper
Premium products: Known for the best horses and cavalry.

Main terrain types: Temperate plains and desert
Major threats: Goblinoids, centaurs

Common Races: Humans (Elarian)
Regional Traits:

The Aren Plateau

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