Humans are the most diverse of the major races of The Empire. Within its borders several sub-races of human live, each with different customs, fashions and tastes.


The Paracts

Favoured regions: Veilnaris
Languages: Common, Paract
Class skills: Paracts gain access to one of Appraise, Swim or Profession (sailor) as a class skill.
Stereotypes: “As happy as a Paract with a new coin.” (A happy person)
Physical Description:
Paracts are tall, (+1 to Modifier rolls on Height/Weight chart), wide-shouldered, and have dark skin, verging on black. Their eyes are usually brown and their hair is almost always black and straight. Both women and men wear their long hair and sometimes tied back away from their faces. Heirs of a once-great empire, the Paracts still live primarily urban lives within the great island city-states of Veilnaris. Throughout the empire Paracts are known as great traders, scholars and shipwrights.


The Ghuren

Favoured Regions: Askeil, Niskeil, Olentis, Veilnaris, The Rift
Languages: Common, Ghuren
Class skills: Ghuren gain access to one of Survival, Swim or Profession (sailor) as a class skill.
Stereotypes: “He eats like a Ghuren.” (A messy eater)
Physical Description:
Ghuren are tall (+2 to Modifier rolls on Height/Weight chart), broad-shouldered and have ruddy skin. Their brown to blonde hair is usually worn long and men invariably wear thick beards. Ghuren dress in furs and imported woollens and both men and women are rarely unarmed. Ghuren art consists of intricate maze-like patterns, often including images of stylised animals, but never human figures. Ghuren maintain their own small kingdoms along The Rift, centred around fortresses carved out of the cliffs along the River Olen, known within the Rift itself only as “The River”. Ghuren are considered, by other races, as fierce barbarians and are known especially for their elite berserker soldiers.


The Deliani

Favoured Regions: Eimaris
Languages: Common, Deilish
Class skills: Paracts gain access to one of Appraise, Knowledge (geography) or Linguistics as a class skill.
Stereotypes: “As trusting as a Delani.” (A very suspicious person.)
Physical Description:
The Delani are a race foreign to The Empire of Light, hailing from the far east beyond the Morianor. Delani have skin that ranges from olive-brown to dark brown and their hair, which is invariably a dark black is straight. Delani generally have sharp features, almond-shaped black eyes and a pronounced widows-peak. With no cities of their own within the Empire, most Delani live in cities around the Morianor. Both Delani men and women both dress in light flowing robes, often brightly coloured, and women favour ostentatious displays of jewellery.


The Erinoi

Favoured Regions: Anerin, Dama, Paerin, Sapaer
Languages: Common, Paract
Class skills: Erinoi gain access to one of Craft (bows), Climb or Handle Animal as a class skill.
Stereotypes: “As brave as an Erin.” (A coward)
Physical Description: Erinoi are pale-skinned, often with a smattering of freckles. Their hair is blonde or red and their eyes are blue or green. Erinoi dress in well-made clothing consisting of simple shirts with and long dresses or trousers for women, whilst men always wear trousers. These clothes are crafted from linen, leather or wool and are often died in shades of blue or yellow. Erinoi are considered the best archers in Verenis.


The Kalari

Favoured Regions: Kalaris
Languages: Common, Kalarian
Class skills: Kalaris gain access to one of Knowledge (arcana), Diplomacy or Heal as a class skill.
Stereotypes: “He lives like a Kalari dies.” (One who displays ostentatious wealth)
Physical Description:
Kalaris are tall (+1 to Modifier rolls on Height/Weight chart) and swarthy with dark hair which is worn combed back tight against their heads, revealing prominent widows-peaks and often a number of gemstone charms embedded in their skin. Both male and female Kalaris wear long flowing high-collared robes, usually made of unpatterned but colourful cotton or silk whilst children and slaves usually wear simple cotton tunics. Kalaris are known as great magic-users but are slow to embrace change.


The Nari

Favoured Regions: Askeil, Niskeil, Olentis, Veilnaris, The Rift
Languages: Common, Nari
Class skills: Nari gain access to one of Survival, Swim or Craft (traps) as a class skill.
Stereotypes: “A street Nari” (A vagabond)
Physical Description:
The Nari hail from the cold north-west region of Verenis, in the caverns beyond the swamps of Veilnaris. Once they dominated these western lands, but now they are mostly restricted to small settlements on the outskirts of more civilised lands. Nari are shorter than other human races (-2 to Modifier rolls on Height/Weight chart), with tanned skin, hair ranging from brown to black, and startlingly bright green or blue eyes. Most Nari still live in small villages surrounded by wooden fortifications, or on the outskirts of the cities within their territories which are inhabited mostly by foreigners. Nari dress in thick undecorated woollens, and often wear jewellery carved bone, ivory or semi-precious gems. Naris are considered by most other races as uncivilised barbarians but are known to be expert trackers and trappers.


The Velites

Favoured Regions: Eidras, Eldras, Eimaris, Kalaris, The Vanerinoi, Coastal areas throughout The Empire
Languages: Common
Class skills: Velites gain access to one of Diplomacy, Knowledge (religion) or Appraise as a class skill.
Stereotypes: “As humble as a Velite.” (An arrogant person)
Physical Description:
Velites tend to have dark smooth hair and tanned skin. Women wear their hair long, with nobles often having elaborate plaited styles which reflect their status whilst men brush their hair back smooth against their head. Both men and women wear knee-lenth short-sleeved coats over tight-fitting trousers with silk being preferred the wealthy, cotton by the middle-classes and wool for commoners. Women’s coats are generally somewhat longer and often sport elaborate patterns. Velites have narrow, aquiline features and are often considered, with some reason, to have an attitude of arrogant superiority when comparing themselves to other races.


The Elarians

Favoured Regions: Anerin, The Aren Plataeu
Languages: Common, Aren
Class skills: Paracts gain access to one of Ride, Survival or Handle Animal as a class skill.
Stereotypes: “An Elarian whore.” (A breeding mare)
Physical Description:
Elarians have swarthy olive-coloured skin and hair which ranges from pitch black to reddish-brown. Men generally have neatly groomed beards whilst women usually leave their hair long and straight. Both men and women wear long loose-fitting trousers below long robes, with women also wearing shawls which cover their heads to hide their hair. Elarians are great horse-warriors and many lead semi-nomdic lives herding animals on the Aren Plateau.

Random Starting Age

Adulthood Intuitive Self-taught Trained
15 +1d4 +1d6 +2d6

Aging Effects

Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
35 53 70 70 + 2d20

Height and Weight

Sex Base Height Base Weight Modifer Weight Modifier
Male 4ft. 10in. 120lbs 2d10 x5 lbs.
Female 4ft. 5in. 85lbs 2d10 x5 lbs.


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