Whether owned and bred as gladiators for the arena, or born in freedom, Half-orcs are a race with no true homeland. Created by Chymeric Mages through the techniques of Chymeric Magic centuries ago as slave-soldiers, the Half-Orcs have a reputation throughout Veneris as short-tempered, aggressive brutes. This reputation stems, in large part from their fierce appearance which other races tend to find unnerving. Unlike Half-Elves, Half-Orcs are are true, if magically created race, and are able to breed with each other, though not with either Humans or Orcs.

Languages: Common
Favoured Regions: Anerin, Eimaris, Eldras, Eidras, Paerin, Kalaris, Veilnaris, Olentis
Physical Description:
Large and well-built, Half-orcs are tall, have skin ranging in colour from a dark green to almost black. Their well-muscled bodies are generally hairless and both sexes are often completely bald. Half-orcs rarely wear much in the way of decorative jewellery, preferring simple but hard wearing clothes befitting their common positions as gladiators, manual labourers or guards. Other races consider Half-orcs to appear somewhat bestial in appearance, and individuals, especially those bred for the arena often have oversized teeth resembling tusks.

Racial Subtypes Standard Alternate Racial Traits Optional Alternate Racial Traits Class Skills
Slaveborn Chain Fighter (replaces weapon familiarity) Bestial (replaces orc ferocity) Sense Motive, Intimidate or Perform (oratory)
Freeborn City-Raised (replaces weapon familiarity) Skilled (replaces darkvision) Sense Motive, Disguise or Heal

Random Starting Age

Adulthood Intuitive Self-taught Trained
14 +1d4 +1d6 +2d6

Aging Effects

Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
30 45 60 60 + 2d10

Height and Weight

Sex Base Height Base Weight Modifer Weight Modifier
Male 5ft. 0in. 150lbs. 2d12 x7lbs.
Female 4ft. 8in. 130lbs. 2d10 x6lbs.


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