Renowned for their grace, intelligence and exotic appearance, but infertile, half-elves are only ever the result of unions between Humans and Elves. The vast majority of Half-elves are bred in the slave holdings of the Empire and sold as slaves, or as the mainstay of the imperial bureaucracy, however a few are the result of amorous couplings of free elves and humans. The physical attractiveness of Half-elves, their natural gracefulness and their infertility has lead to half-elves being considered as wanton hedonists by many within the empire and has resulted in their popularity as slaves by brothel owners. Whilst their position within the imperial bureaucracy has given them a reputation as manipulative schemers and consummate politicians.


Languages: Common
Favoured Regions: Anerin, Eimaris, Eldras, Eidras, Paerin, The Vanerinoi, Kalaris, Veilnaris
Female Names:
Male Names:
Physical Description:
Half-elves stand a little shorter than most humans, with males being on average slightly taller than females. Both male and females have little body hair, but tend to have long, thick hair on their heads, and have somewhat feminised features. Males may often seem androgynous to humans, whilst females seem hyper-feminine and alluring. Half-elves share the long pointed ears of their elven ancestors, whilst their eyes tend to be larger than those of humans and are often tinted with shades of purple, pink or yellow. Half-elves dress in local fashions, but tend to favour more revealing clothing than the humans they live among.

Alignment and Religion:

Racial Subtypes Standard Alternate Racial Traits Optional Alternate Racial Traits
Slaveborn Sociable (replaces adaptability) Wary (replaces keen senses)
Freeborn Wary (replaces keen senses) Integrated (replaces adaptability)

Random Starting Age

Adulthood Intuitive Self-taught Trained
20 +1d6 +1d8 +2d6

Aging Effects

Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
40 60 85 85 + 2d20

Height and Weight

Sex Base Height Base Weight Modifer Weight Modifier
Male 4ft. 7in. 95lbs. 2d10 x4
Female 4ft. 5in. 85lbs. 2d10 x4


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