Languages: Common, Gnome,
Favoured Regions: Any
Female Names:
Male Names:
Physical Description:
Standing only a little taller than Halflings, Gnomes are an unusual race, with brightly-coloured hair and iridescent eyes which glow in darkness. In their homeland of Eivan, most Gnomes wear relatively small amounts of simple clothing and decorate their bodies with elaborate patterns of tattoos. Tinker gnomes, however, favour elaborate flowing colourful clothes decorated with long ribbons in a riot of clashing colours.

Alignment and Religion:

Racial Subtypes Standard Alternate Racial Traits Optional Alternate Racial Traits
Wild Gnomes Bond to the Land (replaces defensive training & hatred), Knack with Poison (replaces illusion resistance and obsessive)
Tinker Gnomes Explorer (replaces hatred & obsessive), Skill training: Perform (any) and Diplomacy (replaces defensive training)

Random Starting Age

Adulthood Intuitive Self-taught Trained
20 +2d4 +1d6 +2d6

Aging Effects

Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
40 60 80 80+4d10

Height and Weight

Sex Base Height Base Weight Modifer Weight Modifier
Male 3ft. 40lbs. 2d4 x1 lbs.
Female 3ft. 2in. 40lbs. 2d4 x1 lbs.


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