Lithe and quick, the elves are an enigmatic race. Created by Drow chimeric magic as a servile race to tend the great Crystalthorn groves, they have a close link and understanding of plants and growth. Living somewhat longer than the other races, the elves have developed a unique niche within the empire, where many still tend the Crystalthorn groves, as they did when they lived under the rule of the Drow, whilst others have spread throughout the cities and farmlands of various regions. Small groups of elves have also spread beyond the borders of the empire, into The North-Eastern Labyrinths. These elves have abandoned many of the trappings of civilisation and form small nomadic bands which rome the wild forests of the region.


Favoured Regions: Eimaris, Eidras, Eldras (Imperial Elves), North-Eastern Labyrinths (Wild Elves)
Female Names: Aerinel Dalerinel, Galleiel, Velinel
Male Names: Alaenal, Laneral, Velinal, Saraleial
Languages: Common, Elven

Physical Description:
Standing slightly shorter than humans or half-elves, elves have androgynous, slim and long-limbed, hairless bodies, with males and females standing an equal height. Indeed many among the other races find it difficult to identify the sex of the elves they meet. Elves have long pointed ears, thin angular features and pale skin. Their large almond-shaped eyes show only whites. Their hair tends towards shades of brown or autumnal reds and tends to be worn free-flowing and long. Elves of both sexes tend to dress in tight-fitting clothing with elaborate flowing decorations. Wild elves often decorate their skin with curling tattoos which echo the natural shapes of their environment.

Alignment and Religion:

Racial Subtypes Standard Alternate Racial Traits Optional Alternate Racial Traits
Imperial Urbanite (replaces keen senses), Fleet Footed (replaces weapon familiarity) Arcane Focus (replaces fleet-footed)
Wild Woodcraft (replaces elven magic), Fleet Footed (replaces weapon familiarity) Elemental resistance or Dreamspeaker (replace elven immunities

Random Starting Age

Adulthood Intuitive Self-taught Trained
30 +1d10 +2d8 +3d8

Aging Effects

Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
50 75 100 100 + 2d20

Height and Weight

Sex Base Height Base Weight Modifer Weight Modifier
Male 4ft. 5in. 80lbs. 2d8 x3 lbs
Female 4ft. 5in. 80lbs. 2d8 x3 lbs


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