Time and Tides

The day is divided into 24 hours 60 minutes. Day length varies through the course of a year from 8 hours in midwinter (“Latedawn”) to 16 hours in midsummer (“Latedusk”). At precisely noon, and again at midnight the seas experience their high tides, with low tides at 6-O’Clock AM and 6-O’Clock PM. Unlike many other worlds the tides do not shift, always occurring at these times. Scholars of the Empire are unsure what causes the tides but many have theories.

The week within The Empire of Light is divided into seven days. The seventh of these, Suphos, is traditionally a day of rest and religious observance.

Mortday Tulinday Wellday Thelisday Freeday Sarenday Suphos

Despite its underground nature, Veilnaris does experience distinct seasons as the light emanating from the adamant crystals waxes and wanes on a regular cycle. For ease of reference these are given the same names as on our world. – Summer, Autumn (Fall), Winter and Spring. The degree to which different areas are affected by seasonal shifts varies from region to region.

The Year
Veilnaris experiences a year consisting of 365 days. In The Empire of Light the year is divided into twelve months, each of 30 days. In addition to these twelve months are five days through the year which are considered as special holy days, each associated with a different deity when all work must stop and celebrations are held.

Season Month Length
Winter Poieldeon 30 days
Winter Gamelion 30 days
Winter Latedawn 1 day
Winter Anthesterion 30 days
Spring Year’s Birth 1 day
Spring Elaphebolion 30 days
Spring Mounichion 30 days
Spring Songday 1 day
Spring Thargelion 30 days
Summer Skirophorion 30 days
Summer Hekatombaion 30 days
Summer Latedusk 1 day
Summer Metageitnion 30 days
Autumn Boedromion 30 days
Autumn Pyanepsion 30 days
Autumn Pyrenight 1 day
Autumn Maimakterion 30 days

Time and Tides

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