The Gods of the Empire of the Light:

The Daughters of the Light

Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains Favoured Weapon Symbol
The Daughter of the Light L The Empire, The Divine Light Law, Sun, Glory, Nobility Temple Sword 8 pointed Star
The Child C Childhood Community, Liberation, Trickery Dagger A triangle within a triangle
The Lover N Love Charm, Chaos, Liberation Starknife Heart
The Beautiful L Physical Beauty Charm, Glory, Nobility Dagger Eye
The Virgin L Purity and Water Healing, Water, Charm Dagger Droplet
The Artist C Painting and Sculpture Charm, Artifice, Community Dagger Horizontal Line
The Player C Music and Dance Charm, Liberation, Community Bladed Scarf Harp
The Hedonist C Lust and Intoxication Chaos, Charm, Liberation Whip Goblet
The Maniac C Insanity and Fire Chaos, Madness, Fire Dagger Flame
The Sailor N Sailors, The Sea Water, Travel, Weather Spear Waves
The Architect L Construction Artifice, Community, Knowledge Warhammer Triangle
The Smith N Metalwork Artifice, Earth, Community Warhammer Hammer
The Diplomat L Peace, Diplomacy Charm, Knowledge, Community Mace Pen
The Rider N Herders Animal, Protection, Community Whip Crescent Horns
The Sage L Learning Knowledge, Rune, Magic Quaterstaff Circle
The Healer N Healing and the Sick Healing, Good, Community
The Guardian L Protection, War, Community
The Soldier N Strategy War, Protection, Knowledge Longsword Sword
The Mother L Protection of children Community, Protection, Healing Quaterstaff Interlinked triangles
The Explorer C Exploration Travel, Water, Knowledge
The Farmer N Farming Plant, Community, Weather Sickle Sickle
The Judge L Judgement Law, Knowledge, Rune Shortsword Scales
The Executioner L Lawful killing Law, Community, Death Battleaxe Axe
The Liberator C Freedom War, Liberation, Glory Dagger 5 pointed Star
The Warrior C Fighting War, Strength, Glory Battleaxe Axehead
The Assassin C Assassination Death, Chaos, Charm Dagger Dagger
The Martyr N Self-sacrifcie Protection, Healing, Good Spear Noose

The Old Gods

Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains Favoured Weapon Symbol
The Guide N The Dead Repose, Travel, Protection Longbow Infinity symbol
The Midwife L Birth Community, Healing, Protection Dagger Semi-circle
The Weeping God C Death Death, Darkness, Liberation
The Trickster C Trickery Trickery, Luck, Chaos Shuriken Spiral
Ancestors - Family Community, Death, Protection - -

Dwarven Religion:

Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains Favoured Weapon
Hiranar N Adamant, Magic, Light Sun, Earth, Artifice, Magic
Arim L Gold, Nobility Law, Nobility, Earth, Artifice
Aretbar N Silver, Love, Medicine Charm, Healing, Earth, Artifice
Anbar L Iron, War Strength, War, Earth, Artifice
Udkar L Copper, Language, The Home Community, Rune, Earth, Artifice
Karek L Platinum, Knowledge Law, Knowledge, Earth, Artifice
Abaru N Lead, Darkness, Death Darkness, Death, Earth, Artifice
Derkar C Mercury, Trickery Trickery, Chaos, Earth, Madness

Aspects of the Music of CreationThe Muses (Halflings)

Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains Favoured Weapon
Arthil L Harmony and the Community Law, Community, Earth, Protection
Elda C Dance, Freedom and Fire Liberation, Chaos, Travel, Fire
Risette N Song, Magic, Air and Light Charm, Magic, Air, Sun
Ranni N Music, Healing and Growth Healing, Repose, Water, Plant
Cavip C Discord, Luck and Chaos Chaos, Trickery, Weather, Luck


The Divine Light (Paladins, monks and philosophers from within The Empire)
The Music of Creation (Halfling monks)
Pantheism (Druids)
The Web of Fate (Oracles, Drow)


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