The Koreaphosa: The Daughter of the Light
The Koreaphosa or “Daughter of the Light” is, in theory, the supreme and divine ruler of The Empire. Chosen at the death of the previous Daughter from amongst The Korai, The Koreaphosa is the living embodiment of The Divine Light and of The Empire itself.


The Korai: The Maidens
The Korai are young girls, from amongst whom a new The Daughter of the Light is drawn upon the death of a Daughter. When a sitting Daughter dies, her Mythic essence enters girls born in weeks following, in the immediate vicinity (usually the city of Eimaris). These babies are identified within their first year by The Adelphai, and brought to The Palace of Light. Where they taught the skills they will need if they rise to become The Daughter of the Light. Upon the death of a sitting Daughter one of the Korai rises to become the new Daughter of the Light, absorbing the Mythic essence of her sisters. The remaining Korai become Adelphai – The Sisters.

The Adelphai: The Sisters
The Adelphai are women who were once Korai, but who did not assume the position of Daughter of the Light. The Adelphai form an order of Oracles who’s primary roles are the identification and training of Korai and acting as companions and advisors to The Daughter of the Light.


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