PC Races


Note that each of the racial descriptions below includes a section labelled “standard alternate racial traits” and “additional alternative racial traits”. The traits listed under “standard alternate racial traits” are taken from the Advanced Race Guide and represent a typical member of the race from Verenis. The traits listed under “optional additional racial traits” are suggested as typical alternatives, often displayed by members of the race. Players should (at the GM’s discretion) be allowed to select the normal racial traits from the Player’s Handbook or different alternate racial traits from The Advanced Race Guide or another publication if their background is suitable.

Common Races
Dwarves – Miners and metalworkers of The Dwarven Holds
Elves – Magically-created slave-race of the Drow
Halflings – Diminutive sailors and traders of The Vanerinoi
Half-elves – Slave-bred bureaucrats and pleasure-slaves of the Empire
Half-orcs – Magically-created slave-race of the Empire
Humans – The masters of The Empire of Light
Thelassans – Sea-born race of Morinis

Uncommon Races
Gnomes – Jungle-dwelling and Itinerant tinkers native to Eivan
Tieflings -

PC Races

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