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VERENIS – The world of the Empire of Light

The world of Verenis sits close to its parent star. The surface of the world smoulders in a perpetual roasting heat caused by the proximity of the star and the magical radiation it emits. Deep below the sun-scorched surface, life on Verenis is restricted to vast underground caverns linked by labyrinthine passageways which honeycomb the heart of the planet. It is in the larger of these caverns that the isolated civilizations of Verenis flourish, bathed in light and magic which is transmitted through the metallic-crystal veins of Adamant crystal that permeate and strengthen the world’s very rocks.

The greatest civilization of Verenis is the Empire of Light. An ancient empire which encompasses all the races dwelling in the caverns surrounding Moriasena – The sea of light and Morialit – The sea of shadow. Between the isolated and civilized caverns the passageways are home to all manner of loathsome and dangerous creaturesorcish tribes, hobgoblins, and worse launch raids from the larger and lighter passageways whilst aberrations haunt the deep darkness. Where the caverns and passageways near the surface fey creatures can be encountered in the magic-bathed forests whilst kobolds, troglodytes and other, stranger creatures live within the maze of small tunnels which honeycomb the living rock.



Main Page

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