The very rocks of Veilnaris are honeycombed with an interlocking maze of passageways known as Labyrinths. Generally varying greatly in their diameter, height and even climate along their length, these The Labyrinths link Caverns and are the home to innumerable creatures, both intelligent and unintelligent, many of which invade civilised regions and cause great hardship to the civilised races.

There are no regions in Veilnaris where tunnels of varying sizes are not to be found, whether under the feet of its inhabitants, in the cliff walls of the great caverns, or in the roofs of the tunnels themselves. These labyrinthine passageways shift and move over time as water and strange creatures cut new tunnels, tunnels cave in on themselves or tunnels merge to create larger caverns. All but the largest tunnels are far too unstable to map with any confidence and explorers are beset by a multitude of dangers when they enter these dark recesses into the earth.

Just like creatures, Labyrinths are classified into size categories. In general a creature type can only survive for significant periods of time in a Labyrinth region made up of tunnels its size or larger, however there are many exceptions to this general rule. – Any creature with a terrain type of underground, or a serpentine body form can survive in regions of tunnel 2 size categories smaller than themselves. These are cumulative so that a serpentine creature with the underground terrain type may be found in tunnels up to 4 size categories smaller than itself.


Type Diameter
Diminutive Tunnels 5 ft. or less
Tiny Tunnels 5 – 50 ft.
Small Tunnels 50 – 100 ft.
Medium Tunnels 100 – 200 ft.
Large Tunnels 200 – 400 ft.
Huge Tunnels 400 – 800 ft.
Gargantuan Tunnels 800 – 1,600 ft.
Colossal Tunnels 1,600 – 32,000 ft.
Great Tunnels More than 32,000 ft.

For a detailed description of the Great Tunnels region see Regions


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