Dwelling in fortified holds carved into vast the rock walls of their lands (known in the Empire as The Dwarven Holds), the Dwarves have dwelt in Veneris longer than any other race, with the possible exception of Halflings. They where the first of the races to form large communities, the first to discover the secrets of mining and of working metals, and remain the only race capable of extracting adamant crystal from the earth.
Throughout the rise of the Drow city-states, the rise and eventual dominance of Eimaris, Dwarven society has remained remarkably stable, some would say stagnant. Despite occasional attempts at conquest by other races the well-defended cliffside holds of the Dwarves have withstood all attempts at conquest over thousands of years, a tribute to the tenacity and stoicism of the race.
Although the centre of Dwarven civilization is unquestionably the ancient holds where they have dwelt for millennia, Dwarves are far from unknown throughout Veneris and beyond. Dwarven trade caravans travel endlessly between the holds and the great cities of the Empire of Light and many of these cities contain significant Dwarven communities, often separated from the rest of the population in walled, self-governing districts. Trade between the holds is common, although it remains largely invisible to other races, since the trade routes wind through deep labyrinthine passages far from the gaze of those who dwell in the caverns. Each hold is, however, more than capable of defending its self and supporting its population if deprived of such trade. The holds are largely independent, ruled by councils made up of the heads of clans. These councillors are equally likely to be male or female, reflecting the Dwarves sexually egalitarian outlook. Unlike most other races, Dwarves consider manual labour to be a noble endeavor, and it is with good reason that other races consider Dwarven masons, smiths and metalworkers, to be without peer.

Languages: Common, Dwarven.
Favoured Regions: The Dwarven Holds, Paerin, Eimaris, Olentis
Female Names:
Male Names:
Physical Description: Dwarves, as their name implies, are generally shorter than humans, with even a tall dwarf rarely standing more than 4½ foot. Dwarves are, however, much more heavily built than humans with broad shoulders and short powerfully formed frames. This means that, on average, Dwarves weigh about the same, or somewhat more, than humans. Both male and female Dwarves wear their hair short with males almost invariably wearing beards. Traditionally each hold has its own pattern of distinctive patterned braids with which they decorate their beards, subtle variations indicating rank or family. Some dwarves, however, especially those raised in the cities of the Empire of Light have taken to wearing their beards short and unplaited.

Alignment and Religion:

Racial Subtypes Standard Alternate Racial Traits Optional Alternate Racial Traits
Hold Dwarf Lorekeeper (replaces Greed), Stonesinger (replaces Stonecunning), Xenophobic (replaces languages)
Empire Dwarf Craftsman (replaces Greed) Stubborn (replaces Hardy)

Random Starting Age

Adulthood Intuitive Self-taught Trained
20 +2d4 +3d4 +4d4

Aging Effects

Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
50 70 90 90+2d20

Height and Weight

Sex Base Height Base Weight Modifer Weight Modifier
Male 4ft. 0in. 150lbs. 2d4 x7lbs.
Female 3ft. 10in. 130lbs. 2d4 x7lbs.


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