Adamant crystal

Growing in veins throughout the heart of the rocks of THE WORLD, adamant is the name given to the crystaline form of adamantium. Adamant crystals reflect a shimmering iridescent light when illuminated and grow in a curious geometric stepped pattern of sharp right angles. When polished, the crystal appears colourless but gives off a gentle white light and heat if it has been exposed to a source of magical energy.

The crystalline lattice of adamant absorbs and stores magical energy which may be harnessed in the creation of magical items or released as spells.


Adamant itself is harder than diamond, and large amounts are both prohibitively expensive to obtain, and almost impossible to work. For this reason adamant is never used as the sole component of armour, weapons or other large items. The sole known exception is the throne of the empress – The Throne of Light.

Sources of Adamant


In their deep holds, the Dwarves mine for adamant using processes long kept secret from the outside world. The Dwarves’ monopoly on large amounts of the metallic crystal, which the empire relies on for the creation of magical items consisting of metal, has allowed them to maintain their independence from the empire’s rule.


Developed by the Drow through the techniques of Haemothurgy, the crystalthorn trees extract traces of adamantine from the water and earth and transfer them in the crystalline form adamant which they concentrate in their thorns, but is present throughout the plant. The wood of these trees can be used to create magical items crafted from wood or other plant products. An infusion of crystalthorn leaves is an essential component of potions.


Before the creation of the crystalthorn trees, the main source of adamant for spell casting were the trace amounts of adamant found in the streams and rivers of THE WORLD. Even today, panning is the main source of valuable adamant dust required for the casting of most spells.

Adamant crystal

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